Representing the Affordable Housing Needs of Rural America

The Council for Affordable and Rural Housing (CARH) is a national non-profit trade organization. Since 1980, CARH has served as the nation’s premier association for participants in the affordable rural housing profession, including: Builders, Owners, Developers, Managers, Non-profits, Housing Authorities, Syndicators, Accountants, Architects, Attorneys, Bankers, and companies that supply goods and services to the industry.

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Tax Credit Percentages

For November 2022:

9%: 7.91% ~ 4%: 3.39

Previous Month's Credits

The IRS publishes monthly credit percentages that apply to low-income housing tax credit buildings placed in service that month. There are two rates: the 70% present value credit (PVC) and the 30% present value credit. The maximum 70% rate is available for low-income new construction and substantial rehabilitation expendiretures that are not federally subsidized. The maximum 30% rate applies to acquisition expenditures and to federally subsidized low-income new construction or substantial rehabilitation expenditures.

2022 CARH Scholarship Foundation Recipients

National CARH Meetings


Click on the Map for CARH's updated advocacy tool. Created by Affordable Housing Online, this tool is a searchable engine that maps low-income properties in the United States, searchable by State, County, or Congressional District.

CARH, in partnership with and Affordable Housing Online, is continuing to build on this database to include more features as well as other federal properties.

If your property information needs updated or you have any questions, please email CARH.